Motivation – The Key To A Better Tomorrow

Did You Ever Felt Unmotivated ? Human Potential Is Something Which Nothing In The World Can Compare To.

In Most of our lives there comes a time when we feel something odd inside ,a carelessness, laziness or simply the fear of failure, These things combined or alone leads to unmotivation. And what does unmotivation leads to? “Nothing”,  An emptiness . And when we are unmotivated we put our faith in the hands of time and we blame our faith for all the bad lucks. When we are Unmotivated we always will find out a way to blame something or someone for our mistakes. Is this right? Who should we blame ? “No one”. The only person who deserves to be blamed for feeling unmotivated is You . Is it true? And if its true ,why is that so? Unmotivation is something which solely comes from the ‘Fear Of Failure’ or You are just dumb lazy. When we are consumed by the fear of Failure we just loose the interest to fight, fight for our freedom. From whome? “Pre-predictions” . We all do this thing and what will it leads to, only one thing “failures”, to be more exact walkovers, Admitting the failure even before we pick up a sword thats the thing we are keep on doing .To feel motivated we should think outside this box of fear, am not saying fear is not a good thing, it is a good thing, do you know why? Because it makes us more cautious and then our chances of winning are high. And only after feeling fear we can have courage, the courage to overcome the fear which tells us to stay numb and do nothing. And with courage we can literally be invincible.” It doesn’t matter how many times you loose, The only thing which matters is that after all this hardwork did you manage to get a result or even a satisfaction Thats more than enough”.

You can either stay motivated and keep on winning your life back or you can just be numb and watch your life crash.

Thank You

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