Religions Are A Set Of Rules – Nothing More – Nothing less

Religions Are A Set Of Rules – Nothing More – Nothing less

Have You Ever Wondered What Is The Real Purpose of Religions ? Almost Every One In This World Belongs To Any One Of These Religions.

Have you ever wondered how and why these Religions were formed, into the ones we know these days. Each and every religion has different interpretations of god. Similarly every religion has their own beliefs and practices. Now a days we know that There are people who believe in a religion so intensely ,because of this they strongly believe the one they follow is the ultimate . Because of this mentality they can’t keep an open mind. All of these Religions have holy books and if you read them , you will understand one thing , each and every Religions holy books says the same thing but in different words. Just like one story can be told in a 1000 different ways by 1000 different people , Religions are a set of rules which was written by someone and interpreted in different ways by different people. If you keep an open mind and look to find , you will know that all these books have more similarities than differences and same goes for religious practices. Always remember God never created Religion , The god we know is a follower of Equality so why would he divide us with religions. We are the one who created Religions and we have the right to change the words of a person who lived thousands of years before us. So before you raise ur voice against another mans beliefs, know this “A Religion Is Not Something Which Was Created To Show Us The Path Towards God, It Is Something Which Was Created To Show Us The Path Towards Happiness And Its In Here And Now”

Every Religions Have The Same Parents So If We Fight Against One Another ,Know That We Are Fighting Against Our Siblings.

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Manish Sudhakar

Hey, Am Manish Sudhakar. Am an Engineer and writing is something that I do to get away from reality. Started writing blog posts recently, just to express my perspective of view on human nature, life, etc...If you like my content, then share it with whomever you think to want to see this. Just Trying My Best To Make A Difference.

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