Purpose Of Our Life – We Make Our Own Destiny

Purpose Of Our Life – We Make Our Own Destiny

Have You Ever Thought Why Are You Doing what You Are doing Now? Then This One Is For You.

We all are hopping to get a perfect life but can you describe whats perfect , at least can you make sure that its the one thing you need Now. We all are takeing the most travelled road and tell me this whats the fun in that, there were a millions before you like you and there will be millions after you. We all are afraid to make a decision out of the box and we all are affraid to walk alone. Some need money, Some need love ,some need status and yet no one see’s the bigger picture here. There will not be any man on earth who didn’t even regret once for wrong judgements or for a wrong choice he made. The thing is, it doesn’t matter until you realise what u need ,one thing really matters is that what you did after you realise what you want. Are you still affraid of making a decision alone, its ok we all are but if you try your best at anything you try, trust me thats all you need to do. Everything is connected in one way or another , everything you do now is a brick to build your future and trust me when i say future is not fixed , we can change it anytime we want . Ask your self ,is this the life you wanted to live or is it someone else’s dream that you are living in. Tell me , How many years it has been , when was the last time you felt the wind on your cheek,¬† when was the last time you looked at something with the same curiosity that we had when we were young. When was the last time you enjoyed that sunlight falling on your skin and when was the last time you enjoyed¬†drenching in the rain.

Trust me we all regrect wasting our childhood already , we all regrect not utilizing it to the fullest . Let Us not let the same thing happen to our whole life.

Thank You

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Manish Sudhakar

Hey, Am Manish Sudhakar. Am an Engineer and writing is something that I do to get away from reality. Started writing blog posts recently, just to express my perspective of view on human nature, life, etc...If you like my content, then share it with whomever you think to want to see this. Just Trying My Best To Make A Difference.

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