Natural Adaptation of Human Character – The One Thing You Don’t Understand

“Did You Ever Wish Someone Could Change Their Character” ? Every Human Being Thinks differently, Right? Thats What Makes Us A Complex Civilisation.

If you don’t know, There is something called ‘Survival Instincts’, As far as i know this simple thing we had in us have the power to change our character and upgrade it to a new level. When we are in danger and we need help and are vulnerable, At that time we will even ask for  help to someone we didn’t expected to help us. We will ask help to anyone and we will gladly receive help from anyone. It is not necessary that we know them for a long time, we are 100% ready to receive help from an unknown person. This shows how much a person can lower their guard and lower their standards when his life’s at stake. The funny thing about this is that , Now i have to say that human character is like a rubber band. We can stretch it to a particular limit but when the tension is released ,it will always comes back to ground Zero. Here the tension is the situations. When the situation changes and Now we are in a better stage , then all the things we let go from our character will eventually comes back to  Us , all the ego , hate , complexes everything. Its like One day we are struggling to stay alive and the next day we are demanding. We won’t even be greatful for what we have and what we got. And we call ourselves civilized. We may be civilized in many ways but we are just savages when it comes to character and quality. If someone can’t get a hold of his actual character , how can he be so judgemental. If you can be a totally different person in different situvations , how can you be legit.

Its time for Us to ask ourself ‘Are we The Brightest in this planet Or Are We The Dumbest’ , And Which ever it may be we are at the Extremes.

Thank You

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