Vegetarian Or Non- vegetarian – Does It Really Matter

Vegetarian Or Non- vegetarian – Does It Really Matter

Are You A Vegetarian? Vegetarians love all living things including animal’s thats why they can’t eat meat in most of the cases.

But does being vegetarian makes you an animal lover. Hmm,” No”. All vegetarians are proud that they don’t hurt any living things for food. They say animals have emotions and feelings too. I totally agree with that fact. Most of us are omnivorous , We love to eat meat. Vegetarians are right in almost every point they make to be a vegetarian and i respect their choices. But some vegetarians are seeing non – Vegetarians like killers and savages. Let me ask you one thing what do vegetarians eat. They only eat fruits ,vegitables etc right. Do you know the fact that all living beings have emotions. When you say proudly you are a vegetarian and you are a nature lover you have to realize the fact that you are also eating a living thing. Plants have emotions and they also have sensory neurons so they will defenetly feel the same pain as any other living being. The only difference is that they don’t make a sound when we cut them down for food. Atleast we think that way but they do make sounds and they do cry and bleed.

They have been inhibitors of this planet far before we were and they are more intimate to the nature than we are , in a way they are the nature. When vegetarians say people hurt and kill animals for food, they raise animals just to kill them they are ignorant about the fact that we have farms to cultivate vegitables and grains ,don’t we. We cultivate these plants so that we can eat them , we nourish them and look after them only to eat them . So tell me how is animal farms and vegitable farms are diffrent. In both places we raise living beings and in both place we look after them and feed them and at last we kill them. Now tell me is it fair to call a non – vegetarian ‘killer’ or ‘savage’ or a ‘predator’. We are all predators, we are not just realizing it. An animal can express its feeling to make us know that its in pain but a plant can’t. Yet we don’t know how to see or understand their emotions. Vegetarians may say plants are not as complex as animals , open your eyes and see the reality with your own eyes. Plants bonding to the earth is more than humans and animals .They feed directly from the ground and their roots are in the earth itself .They don’t hurt any living thing as far as i know and they do bleed but in a diffrent way. So what should we do, how can we survive without food. Hmm we ‘can’t ‘.

So There is no point in pointing fingers at each other, we are predators and we have to eat something to survive wether it be meat or vegitables and herbs.

Waiting for your perspective of views

Thank You

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Manish Sudhakar

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