Toxic People – How To Deal With Them

Are You A Toxic Person? Maybe You Are , Maybe You Are Not. I will Give you some tips to identity such peoples.

First of all you need to know ,what does a “toxic person” means. A toxic person is someone who has a negative influence on others life . It can be your friend or someone you know. They work their way to the top and they don’t care no matter what happens to others. They will use you like a commodity and they are just like parasites. They feed from you , take shelter on you and they don’t care even if it harm’s you. You shouldnot deal with these kind of people. They may seem like they are good people but they are just selfish . But at times you can identify these kind of people. They will impose their responsibilities on you and make you belive you are doing a favour. Simply they will use your friendship to their own personal benefits and gains. Let me give you an example: If somone asked you to do them a favour and you said yes. And after getting done this favour from you . They will not show their gratitude, Insted of that they will just vanish from your life and you will not see them again unless they want another favour from you. Even if you are doing them a favour they will be rude to you if you messed up a little bit and they will act like its your duty.

Don’t keep any relation with these kind of people because they won’t value your friendship , you are just a person to use for them. Be like a mirror and only keep relation with someone who values you, somone who treates you like you treat them.


Thank You

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