The Intimacy They Show Is Just A Mask

The Intimacy They Show Is Just A Mask

Have You Ever Miscalculated Someones Behaviour? Maybe what you are seeing in them is only the thing they want you to see. Maybe they are much more than you see.

Never expect anyone to be honest with you. All you see are just masks they wear , no one will reveal their true self to anyone else, even if you are his or her bestie. Their will be a hidden part for most of us that we don’t want anyone to see. We all wear this social masks But i didn’t know exactly how someone can cheat their own conscience. In short we are living in a world of fake faces ,fake love ,fake care ,fake smile, What is the necessity of these things. Maybe we are affraid of being vulnerable, but why should we fake it, can’t we be honest and say ‘i don’t want you to know that’. No we can’t, instead we lie to the very same person we are calling as our friend. In todays world the word legit or true has no value, its the one thing that is fake in the eyes of todays community. People are not even true to themselves, i don’t know why this happens but we all like to live with a mask.Todays relationships are full of taking advantage of someone elses innocence. People will go any extent to get what they want from you. Those who act on the screens are not real acters , we are the real Oscar- winning actor’s, the only diffrence is that they act on screen and we act in life. We can act like we do care or we can act like we don’t care. The only thing we are not doing is “Realizing “. We are not realizing how much we love, how much we hate ,how much we fake and how much we act . We show sadness outside but are we sad , maybe not. We show happiness outside but are we really happy , maybe. Every one has split personalities , we are something and we show something else to other people, our real intensions are always a mystery. We can’t change it now because its a Trend to be fake. The only thing we can do is to protect ourself from other fake people. Everyone has two sides like a coin , always look around to understand them clearly and see the hidden side.

Know these things and don’t trust anyone because always remember what you see is not what they really are, its just a mask. Be vigilant, be suspicious , always observe and try to understand the patterns. Always ask “WHY” ,This will save you from future troubles.

Thank You

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Manish Sudhakar

Hey, Am Manish Sudhakar. Am an Engineer and writing is something that I do to get away from reality. Started writing blog posts recently, just to express my perspective of view on human nature, life, etc...If you like my content, then share it with whomever you think to want to see this. Just Trying My Best To Make A Difference.

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