The God That You Know & The God That You Seek 5

Do You Know That You Are a God? Atleast you are like a god to inferior beings. Have You Ever felt That god in you.

When i say god , what i really mean is we are a superior race. We can always change our future as well as other beings future. For example : For an ant , we are like the most upper class being. We are like gods to them. We can change their lives in the snap of a fingure. Did you ever helped an ant from drowning or did You ever helped a fly stuck on a web. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. But if you are in a hurry, you are going to attend an interview and you are already late. Then you see an ant drowning, will you waste your time helping it Or will you rush to attent the interview in time. Your one simple but kind action can change their life. They have a short life span right. So help every being who needs your help. A simple act of kindness can overwhelm your heart. An ant is an inferior species not even evolved to understand the concept of god. So consider god as a superior being, which he is . When we compare ourself with god , we are the inferior being. We are the ant in this case. Now picture the above said situvation. God is doing something important and you are drowning. Even though you are praying he is not helping you . Simply because he is busy with more important things or his own things. So you can pray if it will give you strength but you shouldnot fully relay on god to help you. You have to help yourself. Who knows god is busy with some other things. If you don’t help an inferior being like an ant even if you can , how can you possibly imagine god will help you becuse you are also an inferior being compared to him.

First of all don’t wait for help to come, help yourself. secondly if you don’t help an inferior being you are not worthy to get gods help. Be kind to every living being karma will smile at you.

Thank You

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