The God That You Know & The God That You Seek 4

Do You Pray EveryDay? Why do we pray, Because prayer makes Our heart pure, it will give us a fresh feel.

How should you pray? We can pray in diffrent ways.we can pray in holy places, we can pray at home or anywhere we like. How many times in your life have you prayed for others. We always pray for us And we call us selfless. You can pray anytime anywhere. You can pray for yourself ,am not against that because who else will pray for you. But when you pray for yourself, you should pray for others too. Not only the one that you know but also others that you don’t know. God will always appreciate selfless actions. If you will pray for others too,god will hear you. Because you are doing something selfless. If you pray only for your betterment, God will think “why should i hear his prayers because he is just like the others” selfish , greedy. When you pray for others too, you will get more satisfaction, you will get that fresh feel. When a person prays for you , god will hear his prayers and he will notice you. Someone praying for you is more beneficial isn’t it. So why should someone pray for you. If you want someone to add you in their prayers, simply help as many as you can. When you help someone without expecting anything back , they will feel low about themselves because you helped them as a favour and They feel like they owed you. So to increase their self-esteem they will pray for you as a return favour. Helping someone is the best way to pray for your self and its more effective.

By doing so you will be a pure soul. You will get all the blessings that you need and you will also get a feeling that you are doing something Good for others. So if you want to pray for yourself ,help someone else. Let them pray for you, God will help you for sure.

Thank You

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