The God That You Know & The God That You Seek 3

Do You Pray Everyday ? Praying is believing, Are you sure You Are praying In the Right Way. Maybe You are the reason God Doesn’t Answer your prayers?

We pray all the time, we ask god for a wide variety of things. And we always complain about not getting those. And if someone told you god doesn’t like you or god is angry with you ,don’t believe them. Just know this God is the creator of all , The father, how can a father dislike his children or how can a father unleash wrath upon His childrens. If you feel like God is not hearing your prayers, its just your mistake.He is not the one who satisfy’s your wishes, The only one who can satisfy your wish is you. Praying is believing right, So when you are praying Are you believeing. Its just your thoughts that block you from your wish coming true, if you are believing, don’t do it 50%. Believe 100% god will hear you, No matter what the odds are you will get what you wish for. When your Belief is just 90% or less he don’t know what you want exactly . And God is not the one who grands you your wish, its just you, your Belief grands you your wish, your hardwork and dedication grands you the wish. And if you don’t get what you want always don’t blame god, he always knows the outcome if you get what you wish for. He will always provide what you need and not what you want.God is just a higher power to believe in, he don’t grand wishes. So stop wishing and start believing what you want, Ask for it, work for it ,you will get it.

If you believe 100% (which needs a tremendous amount of concentration) i assure you you will get what you want. And if you let the negative energy to block you even a little bit even 1% your chances are less. Thats the thing about negative energy ,like poison , just need a little amount to harm you. So Don’t let negativity in , stay positive, believe with your whole heart. You will get what you want.

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