The God That You Know & The God That You Seek 2

What does God Actually want from you? God want you to praise him right. God want you to pray to him. How do you know what God wants From you.

What will god gain from your prayers he is already almighty.praying to god will give you the will to survive. We are not praying for god,we are praying for ourselves. Have you ever wondered God created you and gave you a life and what does he want from you. Let me tell you a story so that you can understant My Point.

There is a story that says Heaven and Hell are the same. Both places have all that you need . Both heaven and hell are paradise. Heaven is full of good people and hell is full of bad people right. But their is one thing ,the people in these places can’t bend their elbow. So they can’t do anything by themselves but they can help other people. For example: They can’t put on a shirt by themselves because they can’t bend their elbow but they can help another person to put on a shirt .similarly they can’t feed themself but they can feed others. The people in hell wear old and ripped of cloths and they are very skinny because they can’t eat. They don’t feed each other because they are selfish . People of heaven are prosperous and they are well dressed because they are selfless and kind, so they help each other.

So tell me what do god want you to do, pray to him or help each other. He wants us to help each other.Thats the only way to win his heart. Lend a helping hand to those who needs it. Help each other without any reason. Help someone without expecting anything back. God is only one person and he can’t help all of us at once, he has more important things to do, thats why he wants us to help each other so that we can ease his works. We can do a lot of things but we are choosing not to do them, because we are being selfish. We can’t change the past bit we can built a better future.

Write me your comments and opinions .write me any topics you want me to talk about next. Share if you find it helpful.

Thank you

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