Talented Or Untalented – Criticizing Is Not An Option

Talented Or Untalented – Criticizing Is Not An Option

Are You A Person who Often Criticise Others ? Do You Make fun of others when they do things in which they are not good At.

Can we just be grownups and admit that we are all bullies. We criticise everyone arround Us. If someone do something and they are terrible in doing that ,we laugh at them. We break their confidance. Take a minute and think about it ,are you doing the right thing. Not all persons are equally talented in everything. Some can draw , some can sing and dance and some can act ,not everyone has these talents and we all wanted to do these things. If you see a person doing something in which he is not good at and he is still doing it, support him. Think about you , can you do it ! Your answer maybe yes or no. But still you have to encourage him because he is trying , he may be terrible but he is trying and thats the first step. If you realize about this fact ,you will never criticize anyone trying something new. Its easy to sit back and laugh at a person who is trying to swim across an ocean, but its not so funny when you are the one who’s doing that. Don’t care if someone is criticizing you, just know that they are ignorant about the fact that they are also not much good at many other things. A squirrel can climb a tree fast and if an elephant tries to climb a tree don’t laugh at him ,just know that he is trying , you should also realise the fact that an elephant can swim for a long time and a squirrel can’t .if someone is doing something which he is not good at, its only because of one reason. He likes to do it or he wants to do it, even if he is less talented he desires to do it. And if we discourage or criticize someone like that it will break their heart.

Don’t be a bully, encourage everyone not because you like their perfomance just because they are trying. Respect their hardwork ,afterall life is not just a talent show.

Thank You

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Manish Sudhakar

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