Once Friends – Now Strangers ( All Credit Goes To Ego)

Do You Have Ego ? Yes I Know The obvious answer will be ‘No’ But The truth will be ‘Yes’.

We all think that we don’t have ego, but is it true? “No” deep inside our mind, we know we do have ego. What good does it make, if you ask me “nothing”. Once friends will be total strangers , the reason will be this small thing called ego. What bad will it do if you talk first or if you apologize first. You might think why should i talk first ,let him talk first. Tell me what harm will it do if you talk first? Then you will say, mistake is in his side. So what ,you can make and break a relation, its upto you. Holding your ego tight may give happiness to your brain because you are winning but will it give happiness to your heart. No. All that memorys you had with them will be shattered infront of your eyes .you are just loosing happiness, then you have to start over. Should learn how to live without them. We may loose some valuable peoples in our life when we are hanging on to ego. Now tell me are we winning or are we loosing hard. It takes courage to let go of your ego and apologize at the same time it will not lower your self respect , your self respect will only get high. If you surrender yourself to ego, you will not be free or happy. If the mistake is in your side admit it ,be brave and show the other person how to be gentle by saying sorry first. Unlike ego it will only increase your self-esteem. If the mistake is not in your side apologize to the other person so that he will get the courage to admit his mistakes.

Why should we abandon our beautiful memorys, life , friends, relations for ego. just let go of your ego for these things , then only you can be happy and then only you can say you are matured. So skip the ‘E’ and let it ‘Go’.

                                           Thank you

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