Loosing Hope – What To Do When You Are Loosing Hope

Loosing Hope – What To Do When You Are Loosing Hope

Have You Ever Felt Like Loosing Hope? Lost inside and consumed by the darkness.

Life can be hard on us. At some point of life you may feel like their is no way ahead and their is nothing else to do. You have done all that you can and now you are empty. Did you ever thought what leads to loosing hope. If we look closer we can see that we never loose hope. Hope is a part of us even when we are broke and vulnerable. We go to bed at night hopping that we will see tommorow. Everyday we close our eyes hopping that tommorow will be a good day. So hope is a part of us ,it is there even if we can’t feel it. The one thing we do loose is courage. The courage to stand up, the courage to fight back, the courage to push through the difficulties. When we loose the courage to do something, we will feel like loosing hope. But you need to realise one important thing, you are a human and you can do almost anything. Don’t take life seriously,  its not so complicated , we makes it look complicated. Sometimes it may feel like its the end of the world , then you should realise how many end of the world situation have you faced yet. This is just another difficult situation. If you keep a calm mind you can work your way out of any difficulty. The persons who loose hope so fast so easly are just lazy. You can even call them loosers because they surrender without a fight. If you keep this type of worthless mentality you cannot be happy ever in your life. Because every difficulty you may face will be a disaster for you. The one thing that keep you awake is the strong intention to achieve.

Life is just a school, you have to learn from the people around you. Every situations you face is an exam. The only thing you have to do to pass is to keep a strong will ,to not fail. When you loose hope its the courage to fight that you are loosing . Realise this, stand up and fight even if you are loosing, be a warrior not a coward who admits failure even before the fight starts.

Thank You

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