How To Think Positive – How To Stay Positive

Are You a Person Who Is Drowned By Negative Energy or Negative Thoughts? Even if you know you are doing it wrong ,you can’t change it ,right.

First of all , staying possitive is hard but not impossible. We all try to keep a level head but when something bad happens we will loose the cool and we are lured  into the negative thoughts. But try to understabd the negativity inside you , we all are bounded by negativity. The first thing that we are doing wrong is thinking. Hmm Not Really thinking ,we are over thinking. We are attracted to negativity more than possitivity, because that is human nature.we can’t change that but insted we can understand the fact that we are the one who is responsible for our negative thoughts. If i may say , we are purposefully, knowingly letting ourselves in these negative thoughts. Even if we know it will ruin our day or spoil our mood.
So How to stay possitive ? Avoid over thinking. Just know the fact that , we come through a lot and we are going to face a lot of things. We lived yesterday, we are living today and we will be living tommorow. No matter how hard life hits you , know that you are a winner even before you were born. You will be a winner till the day you stop breathing and after that too. Their is nothing in life which is more important than experiences, which are lessons. Know that everything has a positive side , seek the positive side , learn from the lessons. Try to understand how to enjoy little things . Life is not about big things its about little things.

When you know that you are bounded by negative thoughts and if you want to escape them , just distract yourself from the thoughts and look into your surroundings and pick any living being .. it can be an ant or a fly anything that has life. Observe them for 2 minutes and ask yourself the question what, why , how. If you can find the answer for these questions then you already got the answer for your problems.try this, i don’t want to spoil the fun by explaning.

Ooh ok i will explain. If you see an ant carrying a grain. Ask yourself what is he doing by carrying a grain of his size? Why is he not giving up ? And How can you be him? If you will find the answers to these questions you are already bounded by possitive thoughts. You should always look for motivation in small beings. We have a lot to learn from them.

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