Ghosts & Spirits – All That You Have To Know

Are You A Person Affraid Of Ghosts? If you See a Lot Of Movies you Might Be. I have a diffrent perspective of view about the Ghosts.

When we die , our soul separates from our body. We know that right so when we see something in the dark , like a figure or a shadow we will get frightened and we will run for our lives without looking twice. The one biggest misconception about a soul is that a soul is just as taller as the person. You are wrong , different persons have different hights right but their soul has the same hight, which is about 12 feet. So what you see in the dark is not ghost its just the figment of our imagination. The soul is always 12 feet tall even when its inside your body, You may be 6 feet the rest of your soul is just beneath the earth . When we die the soul comes out of our body and its finally free to come out of the earth. Its shocking isn’t it. Let me tell you another thing in theorys their are 14  spatial dimensions. We are living in 3rd dimension and god is living in the highest dimension . When we die our soul gets free and it will become a pure energy and after death soul is in 4th dimension. They can see us but can’t physically contact Us, but we can’t normally see them or contact them. But if we follow a strict diet and meditate and move more towards the spirituality we might get a chance to see them. But its not like what you see in the movies, soul is just pure energy. It can’t hurt you. It can see you thats all.

when we see something in the dark our brain can’t identity it suddenly so it gives a figure to it as we know so that we can identity it. Next time you see a figure in the dark don’t be affraid to look twice. Its not ghost its just the figment of your imagination .

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