Truth Or Lie – What Do You Like

How often do you Lie? Noo i don’t lie at all, the biggest lie we say almost all the time.Is it bad , hmm sometimes yes it is and some time its not. A lie can make you and break you.

Just think about it how often do you lie a day, A lot. For what reasons do you lie . Have you ever asked yourself ‘why do i lie’. We lie all the time, from small lies to big ones, lies got different standards. Why do we lie ,  simply because we are affraid to tell the truth. Sometimes we are affraid that the truth might hurt someone, sometimes we lie because we are concerned about what others will think. Sometimes we lie to please someone and sometime we lie to break someone. Think about it , just take your one day as an example, lets take today . How many lies did you tell today. No lies, haha just think harder because am 100% sure that you did. It can be to prank someone or to fool someone or to mess with someones head. We lie all the time. Just think about it when you lie the next time. Lie is just a part of your day today life whether you agree or not. We even lie without thinking or even without hesitating or without knowing that we are lying. When you are reading this blog you may have a diffrent openion but study yourself for just one day and if you think you didn’t lie not even once you can disagree with me. We even lie to ourself. Thats the biggest mistake we all make. In most of the cases we are living the lie. Why are we doing this because we are concerned about the outcome of telling the truth. Why are you affraid fo telling the truth , you are stronger than you think. Don’t be a lier. If you are not true to yourself , how can you be true to others. At the end of the day we all are living in a lie. We even say true lies, the onces that are half true and half lie. Ask yourself is it necessary to lie. Accept the reality you are living in. A lie can save you for a short while but in the long run it will strike back at you.

Suppose you lie to get a job. But one day the very lie that gave you a job will fire you from that job. Because lies are not permanent,  in the long run they are very harmful.we are just pros of lying . We can lie to someones face . But tell me this how do you know the other person belived your lie, what if he knows you are lying.  Belive me not all people are dumb,  most of them are smart. If someone lies to you and you know he is lying , will you ever trust him again. we even lie to avoid conflicts . We lie to get a job , we lie to please our boss or our friend or our relative. Will you lie to a stranger? most of the cases ,we dont because we don’t care what they think, we don’t care about their feelings. After all he is a stranger so who cares. So you can be true to a stranger but   you have to lie to the people you love because you care about them.  We lie because we care . So lying = Caring , omg i care a lot. Great excuse for someone who lies.

Lying is bad , lying can be a charecter, it can be your signature. If you stay true to yourself you can be true to others. Lies are temporary, so the things you get from them are also temporary. Sometimes lying is easy and truth is hard but you can’t lie without cheating yourself first. Are you that person. Do you want to be that person who lies to himself. I know you can’t stop lying even though you know its bad, because you always look for an easy way. I don’t want you to change , i dont belive you can change that easly. I just want you to know that you are a lier and you will be a lier, remember this before you call someone else a lier. I just want you to know that their is many things that you don’t know about you and your character . Before you point finger at others make sure you are not like them .
And defenetly try counting your lies of a day, that will gave you something to understand about yourself.

                                            Thank You

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