The God That You Know & The God That You Seek 1

Do you belive in God? Your answers may be yes i do or No i don’t , your answer doesn’t matter because we all belive in something.

Where can we find God? In holly places like churchs , temples, mosques etc or in heaven . Are you sure about that because i might have a diffrent opinion . Every religious book known to mankind says God is in you. You are a part of him and he is a part of you. Have you ever woundered what does that mean. Did you ever spell these lines again and again to understand whats the real meaning of that sentence. If you don’t, i will give you a new subject to think about.

Why is god so special? What otherthan his supernatural streangth and powers makes him special. First of all he is god and he is special already, he is kind , generous, loving , caring, not selfish, All the goods that are known to mankind defines god. He is the perfect figure right. So tell me why do all relegious books says god is within you. Because all the characters that defines god is in you. You can either find it , embrace it and feel god inside you or you can just ignore these facts and try to find him in holy places. If you can embrace the characters of the god thats within you , you can be the mirror reflection of god. Remember bible, vedas and Qur’an says god created mankind in his own image. So Don’t you belive god had put something inside you that will make you a masterpiece. We are such fools, we know what god is , we know what makes a god and but we are never ready to accept his characters. We are still hanging own to the darkest characters of human inside us.if you want to feel god ,you should own his characters . Never ending uncondetional love , The god inside you are the good characters that you pocess but never use. If you want to find god , he is inside you not in any other places. This is the real meaning of whats said in holly books.

So the next time you try to find God don’t look ouside .just look inside you , he is within you ,he always had been. Embrace the good inside you that will help you to find god or make you his helping hand.

Am doing this blog in 5 parts so that i can explain clearly. This is the first part . God is within you. Comment you opinions and follow .let me see from your perspective of view. And share if you like it .And also comment other subjects that you want me to talk about. Start being a good human today not tommorow. And wait for the next part till tommorow .

Thank You

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