Love & Heartbreaks – Fake love & True love

Is Their anyone Who Doesn’t Love Love.Is their anyone who Doesn’t felt Love . We all know What love is And in some part of life our heart is broken by the Same people we love.

Now a days love is a word with a lot of meaning. I Don’t know all of them am still exploring, Haha. We break hearts because of love. We lie to someone because of love. We can also kill someone becuse we love them,And Call it mercy killing. These days love has become a very casual word which we use every time , everywhere. People says love can heal soul, it can fix broken hearts. All i want to know is upto what extend love can fix a broken heart. Yeah to some extend love can, but once a broken heart will always be a broken heart. If its not ,then your heart ain’t broken at the first place. Love is something we feel inside , we nourish it, grow the love to a big tree and if someone cut that tree down ,is it over. No, the tree stump will remain there for a long time. Because the root of our love is deep inside our heart. Now their is also something called Fake love. How can it be fake if its Love. Love is a heavenly feeling which was given by gods. Don’t mix poison to it. If you start to love , you can’t only love a single person or thing, you Will love everything that you see. Thats the way love works, it will fill your heart with possitive vibes. And when someone broke your heart you will loose everything you had in you. Leaving you like an addict, craving for love even if you know it will kill you. When our heart is broken we not only loose love we also loose trust . Afterwords we will think twice before making a decision on love.

Someone pray for love, someone play with love thats just the way it is. These days love is just a casual formality. You can never learn swimming if you don’t get inside the water and if you get inside the water without knowing how to swim you will defenetly drown.


Thank You

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