I know What You Did – All I Want Is Revenge

Is Their Anyone Who Didn’t Thought About Taking Revenge ,Not Even Once? Naah, everyone think about taking revenge . Its necessary to take revenge isn’t it, or is it.

Why do you crave for revenge if someone do something bad to you ? Because obviously you want them to feel the same pain you felt, but have you ever thought about what would it do to you. Yeah, i know the answer ” i dont care” right. You should care because taking revenge on someone can give you relief but at the sametime you will loose something more important and precious than revenge , its your soul. You don’t have a clue what am talking about right , let me enlight you.

What do you normally do when someone hurt you .you think about hurting them back. And how will you do that , making a perfect plan. How do you come with a plan , obviously by thinking. You will imagine every possible way to torture that person without knowing what will it do to you. Let me say this straight “it will ruin you” . When you think about taking revenge you are no longer you. You are just a mad person who wants to hurt someone very bad. And you don’t care what are the consequences , literally you will become an animal. You are no longer a kind hearted person and before you know it , The one thing that make you who you are will be gone. Revenge will fill your heart with hatred , it will pour poison into your heart. Trust Me it will do more bad to you than the one you are planning to hurt.
Eventually in the process you will loose your soul, the one thing that makes you who you are. Suppose you don’t want a good heart, you don’t care if your heart is going to be filled with dirt. Anyway you are going to hurt someone. Do you think you can watch them getting hurt , i know the answer “ooh yeah i can watch them suffer for a long time” right. But trust me you can’t, at the time you take revenge you will become someone other than you ,at the same time you will go to ground zero of your emotion , all your heatred will be washed away , but after that can you live watching that person living with the consequences. One simple thing about revenge is that you can’t predict the outcome or the wavelength of your revenge.

It can go according to plan and at the same time it can go sideways. If something bad happened to the other person than what you have intented to do, can you forgive yourself. Tell me have you ever felt sorry for a person or a living being that you hurt intensionally, don’t lie .yes we all felt bad for something that we did intentionally to hurt someone at some points in our life. Its very hard seeing someone living with the consequences of our actions.

So what should we do. Just try to forgive them. Picture them as kids , kids make mistakes . And even after that you want to hurt them , you are a psycho. Who likes to hurt kids lol. And at the same time you forgive you them you will feel the good inside your heart, you will feel a weightlessness in your heart. Thats the right way to take revenge. By letting go.. ya i know its not much practical.. its hard but not impossible. I have done this so You can also do this. At some points you will regrect your decision to forgive but it will not be as much as you take revenge. And it will not harm your heart.

So tell me will you forgive from now onwards Or will you continue taking revenge. If you can fully understand what i said above, am sure you will not think about taking revenge ever again.

Thank you

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