How To Understand Someone Better – Chapter 2

How To Find Out If Someone Is Lying To You? Do you know how much we lie a day.
Its our daily routine and most of the things we hear a day are lies.

So how to find out if someone is lying? There are so many gestures that a person use when he or she is lying. The person who is lying will not make proper eye contact. Thats the primary clue he give away when he lie. A person who lies will always tell a perfect story. Before lying all of us will first make a story in our mind,and mould it to a perfect believable story. And we will tell that story like reading a paragraph. The third thing a person do when they lie is to give away too much information. As he made a perfect story for you to hear , he will tell you that story with passion and too much details because its a made up story and he will try his best to make you belive. When a person is lying they get too much emotional. for example : a person who is not so emotional will get emotional when he is telling a lie to you , because he is trying his best to make you belive . And if a person is crying the chances of you beliving him are high. Getting too much emotional doesn’t only mean crying, getting angry , happy , sad and other emotions are also included. These are the clues a person will unknowingly give away when he is lying. How to conform if he is lying? When he is telling you his perfect story just be curious and ask questions from that story. That will cut the continuity of the story and then you have to ask other questions. At that time he will get a feeling that you are not beliving the story. So to make you belive he will upgrade that story instantly and after the upgrades the story will not be so perfect and believable and you can see that he is struggling to make you belive . As long as he is telling his cooked up story and he thinks you are believing it, he is in the safe zone. But when he gets a feeling that you are not believing he will be forced to upgrade the story with new details in the middle of the conversation and he will miss some details because he didn’t get much time to think so he will tell a messy story. Sometimes just looking at that persons eyes like you don’t belive him can break his confidence.

If you keep these things in mind and observe everyone closely ,you can be a pro and you can identify lies instantly. Always observe and learn from the people around you. Always remember the biggest strength of a person who lies is the confidence that you are beliving. If you break that confidance his cooked up stories will fall appart.

Thank You

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