How To Understand Someone Better – Chapter 1

Have You Ever Thought Only If You Knew Someone Better? Did you ever wanted to know whats inside another persons mind?
We all make mistakes in judging peoples character ,but you can make it right just by doing some important things.

We all want to understand others better, friends , family and other peoples. In a way understating 30 percent of somone is easy. A person only expose 10 percent of his character to anyone otherthan him, 90 percent will be hidden from the society. How much time we spent with a person determines how much we know about him . Thats why friends can easly understand one another most of the time. But at the same time most people are living double or triple lives. Even if how much a person hold back we can identify their real intensions just by observing. Wait a minute, its a time consuming process. The more you observe things , people and living beings around you the more you can understand about the world. Every person is different but every persons charecters shows certain patterns, you just have to mould yourself to such an extent that will show you these patterns with ease. For Example: we can understand if any person is happy, sad or angry, its not necessary to know that person. Why is that? because we know the patters of a persons face when he gets angry ,sad or happy. Its because we see these emotions very often in our life. But how to find out if he is faking or not. Believe me we can also see patters when people are faking , telling lie etc… we see these things often in our life but we don’t memorize these patters. From now onwards what you have to do is to observe everyone you see, just make it your hobby and try to predict what they are going to do next. The more people you observe the more you memorize these patterns. Then only you can understand what am about to say next.

Keep an open mind, observe everything, compare others character with yours, like how will i react if that was me. And always ask yourself the questions how , why and what. This will give you a different perspective of view. Do these things , mould yourself to a higher frequency, you can’t learn these things all at once ,so i will explain the rest in next chapter .

Thank You

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