As We Grow – We Are Being More Like Machines

Are You Living A Mechanical life? Working Your Best to Earn More. Working shift after shift so that you can pay the bills.Let Me ask You One thing. Are you happy ? Is this the life that you wanted.

Life never plays fair. When we were kids we were told that this is the best time of our life and what we wanted was to grow older. We wanted to go to college , get a job , get married and to run a beautiful life . As we grow old life hits us hard to reality or is it a parallel world in which all our dreams and wishes are not satisfied. We don’t even know what we want. Once we wanted to be something amazing and now we find ourselves running with the crowd. We don’t even realize what we wanted was in the other direction. Less travelled road is just a legent now. No one knows about it . Everyone takes the more traveled road And start running to be the first and as soon as they realise its not what they wanted , they are already pulled inside of the backhole. Now they can never escape but just can try hard to be the last one to burn. What happend to the life that we dreamed of when we were kids. Sorry but you will get that in another parallel world. When i was a kid my parents told me this is the best time of my life. And i was like am ganna make a dream world when i get old. And now we are working all our life to please some corporat maniac to make some money so that we can make our life less miserable. Now the anthem is like “if you study hard when you are young , you can live a dream life when you are retired” . Haha retired from what , life!. We are humans we are here to learn not to earn .

Tell me what are we earning , “misery! “. All these time , all this stress , pressure, for what . Nothing. Do what you like may be you will earn less or more. But You will always get one thing that you are craving when you live a corporate life, satisfaction. When you are 50 or 60 you are at the peak of your life span you will look down the valley and wish ,”if i could do this diffrently”.

Don’t live others dream. Live your dream. Life may get hard on you but you will always find satisfaction. Life is just a straight line no curves or Uturns. So make every decision carefully And be careless. Live every second like its your last.

Thank You

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