As We Grow Old – You Should Read This

Have you Ever thought about Growing Older? When we were kids we often think about growing old. Getting married and setting up our own family.

Today i saw a grandson helping his Grandfather to get up so that he can take a picture with his Grandparents . When he was taking the picture i look right into the  eyes of his grandfather and asked my self is he happy and deep down inside i knew the answer. The grandson took pictures just as a formality and then he got busy with someother stuffs. Now the granddad who can barely stand is struggling to sit . He is probably in his 90’s and he can’t  stand or walk by himself. He calls his grandson 5 times repeatedly for his help to sitdown again and there was no response, i don’t  know why no one otherthan me heard him, there were like 20 people in the same room. The grand son was just 2 feet away and i was morethan 10 feets away. I don’t know why my eyes flooded , i don’t even know these people. I walked towards him and help him sitdown. The grandparents sat in the middle of the room and am sitting in the corner of the room. And then i saw no one really see’s them, Its like they don’t exist . Everyone is busy talking to each other , smiling ,waving but no one seems to notice these two old people. Its like they are ghosts ,they exists but no one sees them. I wounder why is this happening.

When we are kids we don’t need any attention from anyone ,we just want to run free. But its the time which we will get a lot of attention even if we don’t desire it , even if we dont want or need it. But as we grow old we seek attention and we will get it and when you are in your middle age you seek more attention and you will get a little lesser than before. And when you get really old you need more attention than ever before but you will hardly gets any. Its like you are a shadow fading as the light gets brighter just like that you will fade from the eyes of the society as you grow older. Suddenly you find yourself in a crowded room, no one see’s you even if they walk by you. Its just like a loop, a game of life, now you are the player but later in life you will get played. We ignore our oldones, we ignore our parents without realising that we are walking towards the same FATE.

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