Am Not Him – I Have My Own Dreams

Does Your Parents often Compare You With Someone Else? Telling you should score like him, speak like him or even look like him. Haha

Every parents have high expectations of their childrens. They want kids to study in a good school. Be the topper . But they don’t realize there is only one topper in every class and every student in the class are potential candidates. Parents have dreams about their kids and its not wrong .whats wrong is that in this process of making their kid a bookworm or so called successful, they don’t realize what are they doing to their kids. Imposing toomuch pressure on them. Teaching them to compare themselfs with others. By this way they will always feel inferior about themselves because they are always camparing themselves with a better person. Now a days parents are destroying their children’s childhood which is suppose to be the most amazing time of their life.They encourage kids to doubt themselves and where ever they go they will find a potential competitor.Moulding them to be a corprate material.Every person is unique, every one are diffrent , diffrent people have diffrent talents. If parents help their childrens to findout what they wanna be in life , that would be the greatest gift they can give to their children’s.

The only thing a parent have to teach their children is to think by themselves. If they can think by themselves and that too in a right way they will be winners and their life will be pretty good. Other than knowing their children’s ambitions, parents impose their own ambitions on their kids. Don’t force your kids to be what you want him to be. Let him be what he want to be. One can only be happy if he is doing something which he likes.

Don’t try to impose your dreams on your children’s. Let them find out what they wanna be. Don’t compare him with others. Let him be what he is , accept it and love the way he is.That would make your kid a legit human, Let him be real not a copy of someone else. Give them the choices of life, let them choose. your duty is to just guide them if they are lost.

Thank You

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