Giving Up – A Million Possibilities Of Being Successful

Are You A Person Who Give Up Easly? Have you ever thought giving up will end all your problems and miserys. By Giving Up You are always being a coward.

Life is hard i know and as i always say you are the maker and breaker of your life. You may feel like you can’t keep on going this path or you can’t fight anymore , just think about tommorow at that time, not about today’s miserys. Think about you will have a better tommorow, to make a better tommorow you have to do something, right. Tell me this, if you give up today , what will happen to all your hardworks and sufferings till this day. It will all go to waste. You have suffered so much so far and for what, ‘nothing’!. Did you wasted your time and your effort to give up at the end. Always remember you can do anything you want, you are a human. We are weaker than most of the animals in this world but look at us, we are the dominating species in this world. How do you think this happened, because our ancestors did never quit. They fought for their survival even though they are the weakest. Don’t take life so seriously, there is no problem in this world that you can’t solve and there is no difficulty in this world that you can’t overcome. You just have to have the courage to fight back and the faith that tommorow will be a better day. Who knows maybe you were at the verge of being successful when you quit. Today may be hard but do your best to save tommorow, if you give up today you will be left with nothing. I belive that if you try hard you can achive anything you want, and we can see so many examples of that. Always remember you may not be the best at what you are doing but you can always be the best of you. If you are trying so hard and you can’t achive it yet , you are not a failure. You will be a failure when you stop trying and accept that you are failed. All these things that you see these days ,we made these, we were a primitive being but we made all these from the scratch , so each and every one of us have the capability to be what we want to be in this world that we made. You just have to do one thing to be successful, one simple thing. You have to try until you become successful.

If you give up now all that you did yesterday will go to waste. Always do everything with your full heart and never let your effort turn into worthless actions. Thats what happen when you give up.

Thank You

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